Tuesday, I showed how you’d do investing $2,000 in a Roth IRA from age 25 to 70. Idiot that I am, I entered “70” in my calculator as the number of years when I meant to enter 45 (70 minus 25). I’m usually more careful (and have gone back and corrected the column). But when it rains it pours . . .
Yesterday I was asked how the parties decide which one holds its convention first, and I said “It alternates. Next time, the Democrats go first.” Oops. As Bill Jones and others were quick to inform me: “By tradition, the party that does not hold the White House puts on their convention first.”

Charles made a sharp observation the other day. We were at a benefit concert that featured a sign language interpreter for the hearing impaired. As Boyz II Men were performing, I leaned over and asked Charles if he could make out the lyrics. Charles — who knows a lot of lyrics but not these — thought about it for a minute, pondered the irony, and replied, “Only the deaf people in the audience know what they’re singing.”

And that got me to thinking about signing and the ability to read lips.

And that got me thinking about politics. (These days, everything gets me thinking about politics.)

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