A Trump fan responded to yesterday‘s post:

<< With no one in [Putin’s] circle daring to tell him it’s an awful idea. >>

Andy, did anyone in your circle dare to tell you BIDEN is an awful idea?

He sends one or two emails like that each day.  Once in a while I respond:

Your reaction to war in Europe, and Putin’s calling Ukraine’s Jewish President a fascist Nazi . . .

. . . and threatening to use nuclear weapons that could lead to humanity’s extinction, and the death of all your children and grandchildren. . .

. . . is . . .

Joe Biden is awful?

THAT’s your take on the current tragedy?

What happened to you, Carl?

You play into the hands of Trump and Putin and David Duke and so many others who — had you not been somehow led down this rabbit hole — you would abhor.

Throughout history, countless millions have been sucked down rabbit holes.

It can happen to the nicest of people.


Katy Garner and her sister grew up in a small town in Arkansas and were always close.

“We both were cheerleaders in school, made pretty good grades, and loved to just hang out with friends and each other. No one has a perfect childhood, but we had each other. We knew that. And that’s what made us so close. We even have matching tattoos to remind each other of that,” Garner told VICE News.

They both became nurses, and Garner’s sister married a doctor and had three children.

Then, around the time of the 2020 presidential election, Garner’s sister started looking at some of the conspiracy theories swirling online about how former President Donald Trump lost the vote. . . .

And, boy, does the story ever go downhill from there.

Worth reading.


Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s 2021 Annual Report will be posted on their web site tomorrow (Saturday) around 8 a.m. eastern time.  Warren Buffett’s letter to shareholders has been must-reading for five decades now.

Have a safe, healthy weekend.  Try to help someone out of a rabbit hole.  If you succeed, let us know how.



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