Carries risk – but how wonderful to see freedom come to 85 million people. A potentially bright development for the world.


The conservatives were in D.C. this past weekend. Andrew Sullivan links to a short video that gives some of the flavor. Wrong-headed but congenial.


If elected President, former Republican Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty says he would attempt to repeal the repeal of DADT – and somehow recoup the funds spent implementing repeal.


These 30-second videos are pretty neat. (Barbara’s mom Laura – and her political cousins, Cindy and Meghan McCain, Dick and Lynne Cheney – agree: people should be allowed to marry the partner they love.)

And speaking of partners (happy Valentine’s Day, by the way) . . .


Fashion blogger Bradford Shellhammer remembers mine:

Several summers back on a Saturday afternoon I sat around the pool of my Fire Island share house. It was a typical lazy Saturday on the island, nothing to do and no one to see.

One of my housemates, then a rather new friend . . . told me we’d be visiting the home of Andrew Tobias . . . and his partner Charles Nolan. While most assumed it was Andy I’d know, the opposite was in fact true. I did not know who Tobias was, but Charles Nolan I did. I was a fashion lover more than a political junkie.

The visit was brief. We drank a few beers. Mostly talked of politics and blogging and assuredly some other beachfront small talk I cannot remember. I don’t remember what I was wearing. I don’t recall Tobias’ summer outfit nor Monte’s. But I do recall Charles. He had on a faded, well washed T-shirt and black Ray Ban Wayfarers. I remember being so impressed with Nolan’s look. It was relaxed. Not put on. Classic. Timeless.

I was newly single that summer. I was growing up, having just turned 32. And I was looking to tone down my audacious style in favor of a more age appropriate personal style.

I never saw Charles Nolan again after that summer afternoon. But I did take a little piece of him with me that day. I rushed out and replaced all my glasses, both eyeglasses and sunglasses, with that American classic, the Wayfarer. It’s since become a part of my personal style. And I borrowed that. Copied it, yes, from Mr. Nolan.

When news of Charles Nolan’s death broke [two] weeks back, the inspiration I pulled from his quiet charm and classic style became apparent. That’s how the truly stylish people inspire and affect us. They don’t force us to buy or buy into their look. They inspire in subtle ways. In quiet, powerful, subtle ways.


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