Yesterday, I described an energy-saving light bulb I found at what appeared to me to be a pretty good price.

How did I find it?

I went to (a free service in which I own an interest), clicked the engines I wanted to search with (in this case, because it involved shopping, I clicked only, entered energy-saving light bulbs, and clicked SEARCH. Seconds later, I had my bulb.

The advantages of searching through qbsearch instead of going to each separate search engine directly are that:

1. You don’t have to go to each separate search engine directly – you just check off whichever ones you want and see the results of ALL of them aggregated onto a single long page.

2. You don’t have to click ‘next 20, next 20’ and wait as the engine gathers the next bunch of hits – you just tell qbsearch how many pages of hits you want to include for each engine. I usually include just 1 or 2 pages per engine, but you can include 10 or 20 if you like.

3. You can use the handy little ‘cloverleaf’ you’ll find at the bottom right of your ‘hits’ screen. Activated, it lets you run your eye down the list of hits, clicking the ones you’re going to want to look at – maybe 7 out of 60 of them – and then view them all together on a single ‘metapage.’

Qbsearch is getting better and better — or at least I think so. So are, for scanning selected sections of your favorite newspapers (or customizing a free newspaper e-mailed to you each morning), and, for checking out the message boards on your favorite holdings.

In each case, you’ll find that little cloverleaf at the bottom right of your ‘hits’ page, so that — if you want — you can first click on all the items you want to pursue, and then scroll through them all at once on a single page.

Try it! If you do all your searching through qbsearch — and once dot-coms are selling at 1000 times hoped-for sales again, as one hopes they shortly will be — you’ll make me a wealthy man.


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