I know nothing about the “common core” curriculum.  But after watching this, I’m so so so for it.*  No matter how cherry-picked those interviews may have been (let us pray), you will still be amused and appalled.  (Thanks, Mel!)


I assume you watch Jon Stewart every night.  It’s funny, informative, cathartic, and could replace the need for common core civics.  I further assume that you frequently watched Stephen Colbert, who came on directly afterward — equally brilliant and irreplaceable.

Well, as everyone knows, Jon Stewart will be leaving “The Daily Show” sometime this year — democracy’s only hope is that Comedy Central will choose John Oliver to replace him — and Stephen Colbert has already gone.

What you may not know is that Larry Willmore’s “The Nightly Show” now follows “The Daily Show” in Colbert’s place and, while entirely different, is terrific, too.  For my taste, he took a little while to get his stride; but now I watch more or less Nightly.  Very smart and funny.

*And now that I’ve Googled a little, and found that it’s only math and English, I propose we add “civics” — as discussed, interestingly, here.



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