Another good place to find low airfares:


Morton: ‘Hey, thanks for the free audiobooks link at I saw that at and the download price to listen to the book HOW TO SLOW DOWN AND GET MORE DONE was $9.95. But at, I got to listen to it for FREE.’

Morton Baxton: ‘Another good FREE site for FREE audiobooks is My TV and radio don’t like it. They’re getting jealous. Click on ‘audiobooks’ at the site, and then click on the fine print in the upper left corner on the new page to get at the full selection of books.’


Chip Ellis: ‘Just back from Thailand on business where I picked up 2 made-to-order tuxedos (one for me and one for my partner) for $150 each. Each tux included reversible cummerbund (red, black), 2 ties (red, black), a pleated shirt, and 2 pocket hankies (red, black). We have two black tie events in March (HRC dinner and ChefAID AIDS fundraiser) so the purchases were just in time. Best of all — the tailor has a website so I can order additional suits and he will mail them. You can order over the web too if you send your measurements. Saves the price of a plane ticket (but I wouldn’t mind going back – Thailand is beautiful, the people are friendly and always smile). I’ll send you the web site address.


Ray Heer: ‘You already know the best tip there is – DIVERSIFY.’

Gary Koscielny: ‘Why send money with a 15% commission when you can send it for free? Veterans of EBAY know about PayPal. You send as little or as much (within certain limits) as you want with no fee. You can even earn interest off of your PayPal account balances. Check out’

Dolly Martin: ‘For my dollar, I would expect you to wake me like a butler in the morning, and then read your column to me personally as I rub sleep from my eyes.’

Tom Wilder: ‘I just ‘tipped’ you $1.00. Now if you can just cut down on the Democratic drivel and Gore whining I might find some more $ to send you.’ To which Chuck Smith replies: ‘I just sent you $2.00 to keep up the ‘Democratic drivel.”

☞ Ooo! Ooo! Bidding war!


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