Putin is winning.

And Trump, aka David Dennison, calls to congratulate him.

It is a terrible time for democracy — and decency.

World chess — and human rights — champion Garry Kasparov writes:

This weekend Vladimir Putin staged yet another phony election, a charade to distract Russia and the world while his brutal dictatorship continues into its nineteenth year. Putin’s repression, corruption, wars, assassinations, and his interference and undermining of democratic governments will continue. For now. But his rule will not last forever.

On Friday, it was an honor for the Human Rights Foundation to gather hundreds of supporters of Russian human rights and democracy together in New York City to celebrate the Russian people and expose Putin’s crimes. At PutinCon, we heard a masterclass from experts, biographers, and victims about Putin’s rise to power and his beliefs, psychology, methods, and weaknesses. We also learned how the free world can support civil society and democracy inside Russia while defending itself from Putin’s aggression.

All talks are now available at PutinCon.com for the world to see and share. We also filmed a short video to capture highlights from the event—you can watch here.

Putin may have orchestrated another fraudulent election, but the supporters of Russian democracy are more determined than ever. I encourage you to share these talks and spread the truth about Putin and his corrupt regime—and, most importantly, how to fight back.

Thank you for supporting the Human Rights Foundation and for making events like PutinCon possible.

With gratitude,

Garry Kasparov

Human Rights Foundation


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