Well, a day or two after the Telegraph made the claim I linked to yesterday, the Guardian refutes it. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is not Jewish. Assuming the Guardian is right . . . “never mind.”


Suggested here Thursday, DEPO closed up 27% yesterday on good news. “Hold on, though,” counsels my guru, “because we are supposed to get the results of two other Phase III trials that I expect to work as well.”


Chris Hanacek: “Paying no cash to have mint.com track your finances may be penny wise and pound foolish. I would much rather pony up $50 for software that resides on my own Mac or PC than risk having my financial life hacked and/or data-mined.”

☞ Well, 1.2 million folks have taken this leap . . . and Quicken is buying it for $170 million . . . and it claims to use bank-level encryption – but I hear you.


OK, I’m not afraid of clowns, but I’m confused by puppets, and I tell you this because I have been asked to attend a performance of “Avenue Q” Thursday October 15 . . . and I am torn.

On the one hand, it is a fundraiser for Krystal Ball, the pro-equality young mom / CPA / triathlete running to unseat an anti-equality Virginia Republican congressman – and tickets start as low as $65.

On the other hand, the first time I saw Avenue Q – the long-running show that fully 95% of theater-goers adore, according to a scientific poll its TV ads tout – I was among the 5% that . . . well . . . didn’t get it. Was it the puppets I was supposed to identify with or the actors holding the puppets? Who was being funny? Did they have distinct personalities, or were the actors just basically the machinery that made the puppets work? Why were so many people laughing when I was not? What’s WRONG with me? Not gay enough (one of Charles’s recurrent complaints)? Just stupid? PUPPETS CONFUSE AND UNSETTLE ME. I won’t have them around the house. I hate puppets.

But, boy, would I like to see Krystal flip that traditionally Republican seat – and what a fun audience it’s likely to be October 15, with a 6:30 VIP cocktail party preceding the 8pm curtain and a “talk-back session with the actors after the show.”

The Act Blue page to learn more or sign up is actblue.com/page/aveq.

You may or may not see me there.


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