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Even if you see clearly, these three minutes will inspire.  (Microsoft has since added multiple languages.)

And how about solar windows?  Not here yet, but coming.

So many things to be hopeful about if we can just learn to live with each other . . . confronting the future with differences of opinion — sure — but with common goals and a shared commitment to reaching them.

Got 60 seconds for an ad about pulling the country back together?  There are no Democratic rivers or Republican mountains.

What the ABA missed in pronouncing Judge Barrett qualified.

Let’s depoliticize the Court:

The next Democratic president should appoint three Justices, to make it 6-6 . . . and let those 12 select one (or three) more to avoid ties.  One, to keep the Court from being too too big.  Three, to add more moderate weight and keep it roughly centered longer.  Either works for me.

A balanced Court would not be unfair to the right, who have won more votes than the left in just 1 of the last 7 elections (soon to be 8).  How does it make sense — or serve the national interest — for them to have two-thirds of the Court?

Ambassador David Huebner:

. . . Finally, it is important to remember that the current president lost the 2016 election by millions of votes, actually finishing fourth behind Didn’t Vote, Secretary Clinton, and Weren’t Eligible to Vote.

He was installed in the Oval Office by the Electoral College, an institution forced into the Constitution by our slave states as a hedge against abolition of human bondage by a future president elected from the more populous Northern states.




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