Amazing three-minute video!  But it cuts off before the girl pufferfish arrives?  DOES his work get noticed?  And what about the ocean current destroying his creation?  And what does he EAT to fuel all this activity?  And if she does show up and they mate, what’s THAT like?  And where are his compatriots?  Is he too cool for school?

A few of the answers are here, but only a few.

And then there was Roger Ailes.  I’m not a big fan of speaking ill of the dead; but this guy did so much harm to our social fabric — right up there with Lee Atwater and Rush Limbaugh — that Matt Taibbi’s rant of remembrance may be worth sharing.

Doug:  “Thanks for the piece on Revlon and the update on other stocks. I’m wondering if you also still own AKBA, JNP, MRTX, CVV,SIGA, TTNP, and UTHR. Seems like a great time to sell if not.”

You have been reading this page for a long time!  For better or worse, I do still own AKBA, SIGA, and UTHR.



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