EqualDex is a remarkable overview of LGBT rights around the world.  It shows where someone like me can legally love, give blood, adopt, marry — and more.    (Thanks, Mel!)

It’s a bit misleading, though.  Some places where gay sex is still technically illegal don’t seem much to care.  While others, where it’s technically legal — like Russia — are awful.  (Welcome To Chechnya: Inside The Russian Republic’s Deadly War On Gays.)

Speaking of which, treat yourself to Bill Maher on Progressophobia.  So important and so good.  (Thanks, David!)


President Obama’s take:  “This experiment in democracy is not self-executing. It doesn’t just happen automatically.”

Want to help save democracy?  Click here.  As I’ve argued before, giving early is almost always more powerful than giving later, when money floods in (kind of like investing: starting early gives you an edge).  And giving early to the DNC is kind of like investing in an index fund — not the sexiest thing, but smarter than what 90% of investors do.

So . . . thanks.



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