Those of us taking a flyer on PRKR may be encouraged by this headline: Cisco Told to Pay $1.9 Billion in Security-Patent Trial Loss.

It refers to a different plaintiff and defendant; yet if you read page 149 of the judgment, you’ll see that the court’s decision was based on the same criteria ParkerVision believes applies in its case against Qualcomm: (1) interactions between the parties; (2) the signing of an NDA; (3) evaluation of the technology (including confidential disclosures); (4) internal emails/discussions praising the technology; and (5) pre-suit notice of the patents being infringed.

Not to get carried away, but after a decade of litigation, it’s conceivable that PRKR — currently trading around 37 cents — could wind up with north of $5 a share in cash next year.  (Or nothing at all . . . so, appropriate only for money you can truly afford to lose.)

Lifelong Republican and 2016 Trump enthusiast Ted Burke explains his current thinking.  Unlike Tom and Carl, who are thrilled with how things are going and eager for four  more years, Ted . . . well, let him tell you himself.

And speaking of Ted . . . join the Pope, famed venture capitalist John Doerr, Jane Fonda and a host of others for several hours tomorrow (Saturday) at this TED.

To those proud Republicans who think mask requirements infringe their freedom, someone on twitter says: Imagine if in London during the Blitz there’d been a whole bunch of people going, “I’LL TURN ON MY LIGHTS IF I FEEL LIKE IT.”

The Human Rights Campaign Scorecard for the 116th Congress is out:

  • 228 Members of Congress earned perfect scores (227 Democrats, 1 Independent, 0 Republicans).
  • Among House Democrats the average score was 98.3 (versus 4.2 for republicans).
  • Among Senate Democrats: 96 (versus 1.6 for Republicans).

Have you voted yet?

Did you watch the Gettysburg speech?

Have a great weekend.



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