But first watch this two-minute message from all our candidates — the ones you like and the ones you don’t.

If you buy their message and are in a position to help, click here.

NOW is the time, while the organizing snowball has the most time to roll downhill, accumulating volunteers as it rolls.

Can you imagine how much better off we’d be if we had not adopted an impulsive, go-it-alone, get-everyone-to-hate-us foreign “policy”?

We had united much of the world in allowing for a diplomatic glide-path toward a nuclear-free, increasingly modernized — and friendly — Iran.  Instead, by immediately reversing course, we’re at the beginning of something that could be truly awful.

Just because he got “everybody great health care at a tiny fraction of the price” (oh wait — did he?) and North Korea to denuclearize (oh wait — did he?) . . . and contained China (by scuttling the painstakingly negotiated Transpacific Partnership) and solved the climate crisis (by denying it exists) and protected our democracy (by denying it is under ongoing Russian attack,  focusing on instead on Hunter Biden) . . . just because he’s achieved all that doesn’t mean he’ll have equal success with Iran.

But I inherited the happy gene.

So . . .

Asked to offer my “predictions for 2020” as part of a panel down in Charleston on the eve of this new year, I opined:

“It’s impossible to know for sure,” I conceded, “but I predict that next July, in a brokered convention marked by unanimity over the inadequacy of good hotel rooms in Milwaukee, Mike Bloomberg will emerge as our nominee. He will ask Oprah Winfrey to be his running mate.  She will reluctantly agree.  They will narrowly win the Electoral College by 18 votes — and the popular vote by 18 million.  So much so that cries of a ‘rigged election’ will largely fall on deaf ears.  Nikki Haley will graciously concede.  President Pence will step down promptly at noon, January 20, 2021.

“I predict that with a Democratic Senate secured by M.J. Hager‘s win over John Cornyn in Texas, John Hickenlooper‘s win over Cory Gardner in Colorado, Steve Bullock’s win in Montana, Mark Kelly’s in Arizona, Amy McGrath’s earthshaking victory in Kentucky, the pickup of a senate seat in Georgia, Susan Collins’ defeat in Maine and Lindsey Graham’s loss to Jaime Harrison right here in South Carolina . . . the Bloomberg/Winfrey Administration will rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure, creating millions of solid middle class jobs and bringing high speed broadband to rural America . . . America will rejoin the community of democratic nations, restoring our moral leadership in the world, to the great dismay of Vladimir Putin and the other journalist-murdering dictators whom the 45th President so admired.

“Sensible compromise will be found with Republicans of good will, OF WHOM THERE ARE MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS.

“I predict, finally, this will all come about because farsighted patriots will fund the early organizing efforts of the Democratic National Committee. See me after class.”

Even if I’m wrong about the nominee, we have to win.

All our candidates are smart, conscientious, honest and empathetic.  None of them is a sociopath, a pathological liar, or a serial con artist.

Which brings me back to the two-minute must-watch video I started with, and the link I’m hoping you just might click.



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