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Peter L. DeWolf: ‘Or, for the short-sellers: 1) Sell High 2) Buy Low.’


The name’s pretty silly – the Gillette Mach 3 Turbo. But Sweeney Todd couldn’t have hurt a flea with this thing. It really is a better shave.


I mean – how lucky can we get? Thanks to Allan Tanner for spotting this story:

Bush meets with Amish group
during July campaign stop
By Jack Brubaker
Lancaster New Era

LANCASTER, Pa. – President Bush met privately with a group of Old Order Amish during a campaign visit to Lancaster County on July 9. He discussed their farms and their hats and his religion, and got a pledge for prayers, if not votes.

A member of the group told Bush that since most Amish do not vote, they would pray for him instead.

Bush had tears in his eyes when he replied, according to an Amishman who was present. Bush reportedly said he needs the prayers of the Amish and that having a strong belief in God is the only way he can do his job.

. . . Bush said he had never met any Amish before and was curious about why the men were wearing straw hats instead of black wool hats. The Amish explained that they wear cooler straw in summer.

Bush tried one on.

The president also commented on the appearance of Amish farms, and an Amishman spoke apologetically about how he and his friends were not expecting to see the president and were wearing soiled work clothes. Bush said he did not mind that, according to Stoltzfus.

Another man remarked that he has twin daughters, as does Bush. The man said one of his twins had dreamed the night before that she was shaking hands with the president and now she actually had done that.

‘One of the young girls wanted to give Bush a whoopie pie cookie,’ Stoltzfus said. ‘Bush declined it. The Secret Service man took it, as presidents aren’t supposed to eat untested food.’

At the end of the session, Bush reportedly told the group, ‘I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job.’

As the president left the room, one Amish man wished him good luck in November.

‘The Amish group headed back to their farms and shops,’ Stoltzfus said. ‘Mothers took their children home for a nap and went back to their sewing and gardens.’

Bush then moved on to an appearance in York County, leaving behind a group of Old Order admirers who will have tales to tell for the rest of their lives.

☞ Sweet, no? It wasn’t President Bush’s idea to cut taxes on the rich while cutting after-school programs for at risk kids, it was God’s idea. The prescription drug plan that benefits drug companies more than the elderly? God came up with that. All those executions while he was Governor of Texas? Jesus. Letting the ban on assault weapons expire a few weeks from now? Jesus. Drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge while providing tax incentives to purchase 6,000-pound SUVs? Himself. Invading Iraq expecting flowers, over the advice of his dad? Wrong father to look to.

So if you really want to help, join the 2.8 million members of the Presidential Prayer Team. As one of our generals said a while back in rallying the troops, ‘Our God is bigger than their god.’


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