Wayne Bennion: ‘Is your question about raisin pits serious? Everyone (at least everyone who grew up in Fresno) knows that raisins are dried Thompson Seedless grapes, so of course the raisins are also seedless. (This is ignoring the fact that grapes have seeds, not a pit, which appellation, I believe, is reserved for the single large seed of peaches, apricots and avocados.)’

☞ Well aren’t YOU a whole bunch of know-it-alls. (Especially the one of you who began his e-mail with . . . ‘DUH!’)

But did you know that raisins – the common brownish ones we all eat – come from green grapes? Hah! You did not. Now who’s the man?


Robert Doucette: ‘My bank allows me to schedule payments on a regular basis. So I can automatically send out the monthly checks. I don’t do that, but I have set up automatic payments to my credit cards. I normally pay them off monthly, but last year I got overwhelmed at work, forgot about them and go hit with late fees. So, every month they get two payments, A small automatic check to cover at least the minimum payment and another check for the rest.’

‘If this is class warfare, then my class is winning.’
– Warren Buffett

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