From Paul Langley: “I just wanted to agree with today’s anti-rant. Since you mentioned a while back, I have ordered from them several times and saved an additional $50 so far in one month over what I would have saved at Barnes & Noble on-line or (I buy and read a lot of books!) I have no complaints. My last order of 29 books, included some books that were readily available within 24 hours and some more obscure books that were available in 2 to 3 days and/or one week. About a week after my order, 28 of the books were shipped out and I got an e-mail saying that the other one (a remaindered $4 hardcover of a recent Oprah pick) was unavailable. The books arrived (via UPS) about 6 days later in perfect condition. Booksamillion is terrific as far as I’m concerned. However I’ve no doubt that your other reader had problems with them because I’ve had similar problems (worse problems actually) with Music Boulevard — yet all of my friends who use them seem to have no problems with them at all. So go figure.”

In other words, anecdotal evidence ain’t worth much — but Paul did save $50 (and far more than that versus the old-fashioned way, walking through an actual store).

Note that, as mentioned February 5, Paul might have saved even more with

Tomorrow: Fish-and-Chips So Good We’ll Pay You $1.09 to Eat Them


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