Kelly Karasek: “Well, when I saw that unclaimed property link you ran, I had to check it…Wahoo! $220 in old phone deposits, etc. But the neatest thing was checking for friends. I found OVER TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Alas, $8000 of it goes to a recent Schwillionaire — Schwab Millionaire).

☞ Good heavens. I had no idea anyone would actually get anything from this. This is turning out to be such a nice little windfall for at least a few of you, I have decided to double my subscription price. Heck — you can afford it.


Ralph Sierra: “You wrote: > You could have added one more caveat: Ultimately, all lousy organizations owe their performance to poor leadership. Whether it is the caliber of service that’s given or the hoops customers are made to jump through, the blame can be laid squarely at the feet of the boss. In the case of government bureaucrats, it is a combination of the administration that runs things and the legislature that makes the laws (and in my opinion, it is generally, more the latter).

☞ Well said.


Gene Daly: “Please rename your web site ‘Demystifying Gore’ until after the election.”

☞ The truth is, I haven’t the technical skill to do it, and my web master is up to his elbows demystifying something else right now. So you will just have to suffer. That said, the outcome of this election will have a big impact, I think, on the economy and your finances. So “getting it right” may be worth some time thinking about. I have nothing but admiration for those of you who strongly disagree with me yet consider my views anyway. I try to do the same with yours.


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