Jim Burt:  Since you enjoyed street magic, I thought you might like to try another kind — optical illusions.  This one is also educational!

→ “Heavy!” as we used to say.

This one is more traditional magic, and he even reveals how it’s done!

→ It will blow your mind.

This one is truly scary:  “Nostalgia and resentment could be enough to catapult Trump back into the presidency.”

In a 2011 speech, Donald Trump explained his single top rule in life: “Get even with people. If they screw you, screw them back 10 times as hard. I really believe it.” He’s repeated the same idea over and over again in speeches, tweets, and books published under his byline. In 2024, the targets of Trump’s revenge are American law and American democracy. . . .

. . . In Trump’s first term, the country was protected to some degree by his ignorance and ineptitude. . . .

→  Few people understand how essential the DNC is to the 50 state parties that rely on its financial support; and to the 8,000 Democratic candidates who rely on its data and tools.  Or how good the current DNC staff is.  Or how much more valuable contributions are now than next fall.

If you’d like to hold the Senate and House — which is going to be tough — or expand our majorities — tougher still but absolutely doable — now is the time to help.

And now the potentially fantastic news which looks likely to become law (although I’m still officially on strike until it does):

Nearly $2 trillion of investment over the next decade to make life better for those struggling hardest to make ends meet . . .

. . . paid for by wonderfully successful, spectacularly wealthy, mostly patriotic Americans who can easily — if (being human) grudgingly — afford it.

What is that you say?  It doesn’t do all you’d hoped?  Join the club — and enable further progress by investing now to win the midterms next fall.

Have a great weekend!


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