I continue to support the Clinton Foundation.

(Also: the Carter Center, the Obama Foundation, and Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project . . . though not the Trump Foundation or whatever world-healing efforts George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Dan Quayle may be leading.)

Here’s why. Three minutes.

Want to see the full whistle-blower report, that Lindsey Graham and Bill Barr don’t find troubling and that Trump finds potentially treasonous?  Click here.

[Russia has invaded a U.S. ally that desperately needs our military aid to defend itself; Congress appropriated that aid; the President instructed that it be suspended without explanation to Congress and then asked that ally’s president to do him “a favor”; the transcript of that phone call was deemed so potentially damning it was removed from the computer that ordinarily stores such transcripts; the “favor” Trump asked was for that ally’s president to meet with Trump’s attorney general (who used to be the nation’s attorney general, but not anymore) and with his demented personal attorney (famous for locating New York’s emergency response center inside New York’s previously-attacked prime target) to try to gain personal political advantage in the 2020 election.]

With footnotes: nine pages long.

The 448-page Mueller report detailed collusion (though not conspiracy) . . . and obstruction of justice that more than 1,000 Republican and Democratic former federal prosecutors labeled criminal and that may have been the reason conspiracy could not be proven . . . but it was, as the kids say, “tl;dr.”  Oh, well.

Have a great weekend.



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