This being the season of the Jewish holidays, and most of us – Jewish or not – having mothers, this quick video could prove helpful.


When you make a list of terrific ex-presidents and vice presidents of recent memory, President Carter, through the Carter Center, Vice President Gore, most recently through the Repower America initiative, and President Clinton, through the Clinton Global Initiative that kicks off today at 4PM, have to top the list for a continued lifetime of amazing planetary good. That last link will save you the $20,000 contribution people make to attend: as in past years, you can watch it all for free.

And speaking of our 42nd president . . . The Clinton Tapes: Wrestling History with the President hits stores at the end of the month, the product of 79 interviews Taylor Branch conducted over the course of those eight years when time allowed, usually late at night, for use long after his presidency was over. History/political buffs will find this fascinating – you get to know what the President was thinking right then and there, not later, with the benefit of hindsight, and not sanitized to avoid affecting current events.


What presidents do matters. An example of this, for those who didn’t find time to watch it yesterday, is this 6-minute video. As I said yesterday, it just makes your day. Have a good one.


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