Writes Dave: "Inventory the contents of your wallet! I lost mine somewhere yesterday and spent the good part of the morning reconstructing its contents mentally. Then, I was off to the races: closing checking accounts, canceling a credit card account, etc. I remembered, too, that I had saved a note from my mother in which she had described how to use her calling card (‘Hello, Mom, Happy Valentine’s Day and please call your credit card company and have them issue you a new number.’). What else was inside? A few business cards (other people’s), my frequent flyer card, driver’s license (expired), health insurance card (circa 1995), two employee I.D.’s, and my current bus pass. All this from memory. But what else was inside?"

The simplest way to do this is dump the contents onto the nearest Xerox. Another handy way: set up a word-processing document or a weekly reminder (if you use a "reminder" program that allows lots of text) called WALLET and just keep a current listing there.

If you have some items automatically charged to your credit card or checking account each month, don’t carry that credit card (or checks from that checking account) in your wallet. That way, even if you do lose your wallet you won’t have to hassle with changing your bill to a new card.

You lost your wallet? How?! To me, losing a wallet is like losing a kidney. You just don’t do it.

(I know: famous last words.)


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