Paul, of Peter, Paul & Mary, sings sweetly about impeachment.  Here.

Tom Friedman, of the New York Times, writes compellingly about The Five Trump Administrations.

. . . It is hard to avert your gaze from a president who will say anything about anything. It’s so unusual, like a flying elephant or a horse that can talk, that you can’t help but stare. But it’s such a waste of energy. I wonder if the Chinese are spending their days this way. I suspect they’ve added another high-speed rail line just since Trump’s election. . . .

My pal David Pepper used to know Putin, back in their St. Petersburg days (Putin now heads Russia; David, the Ohio Democratic Party) and published a novel this past July — The People’s House — that uncannily depicts Russian hacking of an American election over a huge oil treasure.  Five bucks for the e-book, two bucks on Audible.  The Wall Street Journal called it “a candidate for the sleeper political thriller of the year .”




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