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And here are two Democratic dark horses who — like any of the better known candidates — strike me as a thousand times preferable to Trump: John Delaney and Pete Buttigieg. Watching either or both their town halls may give you hope that there are smart, sane, civil people eager to get our country back on track.

Who, if they won, would surround themselves with brilliant, competent, equally well-motivated women and men to help.

Exactly the opposite of the picture painted in Michael Lewis’s The Fifth Risk.

Edward Dougherty:The Fifth Risk provides a terrific analysis of what can and has gone wrong.  I’ve been touting it to all my friends, even sent a few copies out.”

Mark Jansen: “Re The Fifth Risk . . . I recommend Lewis’ December 13th interview with Preet Bharara. It’s about as delightful as you can make this depressing Administration, where Lewis talks about the people who are actually working hard in government, for no praise and a fraction of the financial reward they would see in the private sector.”

Dan Feder: “Very happy you recommended The Fifth Risk.  I loved it.  It should be assigned to every high school student.”

–> Yes!  That’s a great idea.  College students, too. An awesome civics course all in itself.  It would inspire young people to consider public service — and to vote.

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