Still so much going on at TED — I’m about to go for my solo test-drive of this thing! (do they know how badly I drive?) and one of the speakers makes a somewhat plausible case that 80,000 colonists a year will be flying to Mars and another is blind as a bat but has developed the ability to see the way a bat does . . . and I met the guy who invented Siri and the Estonian who engineered Skype and a Romanian who has a great way to make phsyical therapy more palatable and a Spaniard who “came out” to a book I wrote 40 years ago and even got to fawn over Jeff Bezos a little and meet one of the Bezos scholars, a freshman at Harvard, who lives in Pennypacker Hall, which I just find so cool because she climbs the same stairs up to her room I did, a few decades ago, when I was in Pennypacker — just no time to write about.

So in the meantime:


Schmalz alert!  But what’s wrong with a little schmalz every so often?



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