You know how some people love humanity but not people? Well, with lawyers I’m the reverse. I love them one-on-one; many of my best friends are lawyers. But taken together as a throng . . . well, I’ve long thought we may have too many of them.

Whatever your take on this, I suspect you may find engaging.

Quoting now directly from the teasers for recent highlights:

  • Oops! Calif. Gov. Gray Davis accepts a single eagle feather as a ceremonial token of Indian leaders’ esteem, but possession of even a single quill from a protected bird can send you to prison under federal law (Sept. 11-12)
  • New York millionaire defendant Abe Hirschfeld hands out checks of $2,500 each to jurors who decline to convict him on tax fraud charges: was it reasonable doubt, or was it the miles? (Sept. 13)
  • Michigan appeals panel finds flamboyant attorney Geoffrey Fieger engaged in “truly egregious” misconduct when he “insinuated, outrageously, and with no supporting evidence” that a doctor “‘abandoned'” his patient “to engage in a sexual tryst with a nurse.” (Sept. 14)
  • Michael and me: radical filmmaker Michael Moore vigorously presses charges against ex-employee who, taking a leaf from the methods by which Moore himself won fame, follows him around with a video camera and disrupts his public appearances (Sept. 16)
  • Slow down, it’s just a fire: Canadian court is latest to strike down physical fitness tests for firefighters as overly demanding and thus unfair to women (Sept. 17-19)
  • Sting operation charges blind Seattle news dealer with selling cigarettes to underage buyer (Sept. 16)
  • Charting the vast rise in issuance of law degrees since the 1960s (Sept. 20)

Plus: Don’t you dare hug that hurt or crying child . . . Don’t expect money (even in Philadelphia!) if you get drunk and climb a high-voltage tower . . . and more.

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