Tanya Slye: “I thought you might be interested to know about a great app called Overdrive.  It’s free, and links to your library card making it incredibly easy to borrow ebooks and audiobooks from your smart phone without having to actually go to your library!  I switched off of Audible and have found it to be easy to use best of all completely free!”

Likewise: Hoopla.

Check out the Epic app, too, “the leading digital library for kids,” if you have any — it’s rated 4.8 out of five stars.

(Other favorites?  Search the app store for “free audio books” and you get several highly-rated choices.)

Have you ever seen ABC’s The Middle?  I hadn’t but Season 9, Episode 14 is about personal finance (sort of) and one of you spotted young Axl reading the latest edition of my book at the 20-minute mark.

See it?  That’s my book!!!

Blink and you’ll miss it (and he does toss it away as useless) but I am now a fan of the show for life.  Very funny.

PRKR, our moon-shot speculation from earlier this year, drifted from $1.10 down to 80 cents but bounced halfway back yesterday on a favorable “venue” ruling in its patent suit against Qualcomm and Apple.  Be prepared to lose it all; but imagine the impact of, say, a $200 million judgment on a company currently valued at $18 million.



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