Even if you don’t own PRKR shares, Great Inventors are Industry Outsiders and Must be Protected may be of interest.

I own a lot of shares, yet didn’t know much of this background.

David McCorkhill reacting to yesterday’s post:

With President Biden (and others) expanding the climate-change discussion to include methane, we are broadening our horizons on how to limit man-caused global warming.

I find it interesting that these developments are occurring at the same time a series of movies based on Frank Herbert’s Dune books is coming out.  I am a little surprised that no one is noticing the connection between the two, because Frank Herbert was an early experimenter in using methane produced on his chicken ranch to heat his home. The closest thing I’ve found was this old Guardian story.

I knew Frank when both of us lived on the Olympic Peninsula. We shared many of the same interests and would occasionally bump into each other. He was in what he called his “techno-peasant phase,” living on a chicken farm near Port Townsend.  While he wasn’t motivated by concern about climate change (most of us were not yet aware it could be human-caused, even though Dune was about that subject), he was greatly concerned about depletion of fossil-fuel resources. And he saw the methane produced by chicken farming as a potential solution to that depletion.  He considered his farm to be a demonstration project for many things, including solar/wind energy and methane capture.

→ Have I got the most interesting readers, or what?

I hear Dune is good.  It’s on my list.

Hats off to our Veterans today.  Their courage, service, and sacrifice over the years have been epic.



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