I thought we were done with the ostrich comments, but take a look at this:


3 oz. Protein Fat Cholesterol Calories
serving (grams) (grams) (milligrams)
Ostrich 22 2 58 92
Chicken 27 3 73 140
Turkey 25 3 59 135
Beef 21 16 74 240
Lamb 22 13 78 205
Pork 24 19 84 275

Dave Davis sent me these numbers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “Nutritive Value of Foods.” He also found us a supplier: Superior Ostrich Products at (800) 905-6287. Their address is PO Box 547, Ringgold, Louisiana, 71068.

Ostrich is so expensive it reminds me of the late Malcolm Forbes line about the wealthy widow who said she couldn’t eat at a particular four-star restaurant because she didn’t like to eat her money.

But at $12 a pound for the prime cuts, plus air freight (and as little as $3.50 a pound for ostrichburgers), it’s cheaper than a trip to Australia.

Remember: marinate, marinate, marinate.

Tomorrow: Chickens

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