Yesterday we wondered how the U.S. will compete with (say) South Korea, when their broadband infrastructure runs rings around ours. Today, something broader than broadband: our failing infrastructure, generally.

But first . . .

Marge Wright: “On March 17th could you repeat the clip of people singing ‘There’s No One As Irish As Barack O’Bama?’ We all have a different energy level than the giddiness of a year ago. I don’t know about you, but I’m almost holding my breath I want health care to pass so much. Of course, I’m also phoning and writing. But still, the mood is different. The relentless cruelty (and KnowNothingNess) of the right wing are astounding, and wearing on all of us. We need a good song to bring us together. So…could you repeat the song? And, this time <smile>, the good version? I love this version because it was recorded in Berkeley, led by a wonderful native Irish traditional singer, and this is the way we sing it here.”

☞ Note the old Chinese man singing in the front row. Oh, my.

And now . . .


Europe invests 5% of its GDP in infrastructure; China, 9%; the U.S., just 2.4%. I think you will find this site, and its succession of short videos, well worth a visit. Infrastructure is what we need to fund, not tax cuts.


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