Why is this video relevant, you ask? Have I entered therapy? (No.) Have we just lost Anne Bancroft? (No, four years ago.) It’s relevant because Charles and I have a brand new eight-pound first cousin twice removed named Oona! And this matters to you not just because the Anne Bancroft clip could make you smile but because this link will help you understand – as it finally did me – just what a “first cousin twice removed,” and all the rest of that nomenclature, is.


Chris Brown of Aristides Capital (who suggested the CRTX more-than-double three months ago) writes: “A large investor in PRGX has changed the status of their stake from passive to active. In my experience, for a company this cheap (forward free cash flow yield probably something close to mid-teens), when an activist investor first gets involved, the risk-reward scenario is very favorable. I bought some for the fund a couple of days ago. I think there’s a good chance it doubles over the next 12 months; the risk would be that their underlying business just really falls apart – last quarter sucked, but I don’t think that necessarily represents a trend.” I bought a bunch myself.


Here’s video of an enlightened mega-dairy. Fascinating to see the productivity of it, combined with the humanity.

I asked my PETA pal, Dan Mathews, for comment, and he said: “It doesn’t look horribly run; just the message that everyone should drink milk three times a day is bad. We’re the only species that drinks milk after infancy and the only animals to drink other animals’ milk.* It’s fatty and unhealthful unless you’re a baby, and of course dairy cows have dozens of calves who are pulled away and milked electronically and become horribly depressed after losing so many of their young. Here’s our site about it.”

☞ The cows in the video do not seem depressed. Then again, neither did a friend of mine who . . . well, we won’t go there. My point is that when someone comes out with a soy- or tofu-based dairy product that tastes good, I’m there. PETA makes some strong points. In the meantime, I’m getting my nutrition from bananas, blueberries, and Diet Coke.

* We are also the only species that cooks with curry, sautees shrimp, or refrigerates our food. So what? – A.T.


What if the Government deported your loved one? From Metro Weekly.


The bottom line of this report: the House bill actually is revenue neutral. The reason it seems to come up short is because of the way it straightforwardly includes money that heretofore Congress has fudged.


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