Read it.  Weep.  Click here.

Not sure what stocks to pick?  Just buy an index fund — you’ll do better than 90%+ of everyone else and with much less effort.

As I’ve argued before, the DNC is like the index fund of political investing.

Per their report yesterday:

“The DNC has used our record fundraising success to make historic investments earlier in this midterm cycle than ever before. So far, the DNC has made almost $48 million in commitments and contributions to states for party-building and electoral programs, and we have fully funded over 400 staff on coordinated campaigns and state parties. In February, the DNC transferred $15 million to the DSCC and DCCC to help Democrats win across the country.  The DNC expanded its voter protection work with a $25 million investment targeted at voter education, voter protection, targeted voter registration, and technology to make voting more accessible and to fight back against Republicans’ unprecedented voter suppression efforts. We also announced a $5 million program to register voters, reintroducing an aspect of party building the DNC has not directly engaged in for numerous cycles.  Donors are enthusiastic and the DNC’s donor base is strong.”

So, again:

Read it.  Weep.  Click here.

I’ll see whatever you do, to say thanks.



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