But first, even though you’ve surely already seen it:

A Texas grand jury convened by a Republican district attorney at the urging of the Republican lieutenant governor cleared Planned Parenthood . . . but indicted the folks who made the video that led to five Republican-led Congressional investigations.  (Still, with the ninth Benghazi investigation underway and a 63rd vote scheduled to repeal the job-killing* Obamacare . . . and with climate science roundly denied . . . at least we know Congressional Republicans are hard at work moving America forward.)

And now . . .

Take the tour — and I dare you then not to buy tickets.  Who could resist?  See you there.  (Thanks, Mel.)

*There been no month since Obamacare passed that we’ve not had job growth — with more net private-sector jobs added in the most recently reported 12 weeks than in the last 12 years of Republican rule.



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