You are a wonderful person who deserves wonderful entertainment, so you need to read BJ Novak’s book of short stories, One More Thing.

And by “read” I mean, ideally, “listen to,” as he performs it, with the help of a few guest stars, better than you can.  And because this way you can be pounding the treadmill without sweating all over the pages or walking to work without getting hit by a car.

Novak, was “Ryan” on “The Office” and in real life is this guy:  writer, actor, producer, stand-up comedian, creator of The List App for your iPhone.

I almost never get to read fiction, let alone short stories, but these 62 — ranging from 17 seconds to 34 minutes — are huge fun and immensely imaginative.  And a great way to try your ear at “books on tape,” if you haven’t.

Audiobooks are expensive if bought singly.  But will let you try your first one free, so make it this one.

Allyoucanbooks (which I haven’t tried) has “only” 30,000 books to choose from, not 180,000 (I didn’t have time to check whether One More Thing was among them), but also you lets you try one free — and thereafter lets you download as many as you want for twenty bucks a month instead of just two a month, like Audible.



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