Several sites of possible interest today. First, no matter your view of the war, you might want to click here to thank the troops. It takes just seconds.

Next, to see what the war might cost us, click here. It appears we may all one day own a piece of Iraq. (For this pun to work, you need to pronounce it a-ROCK and be old enough to remember decades of Prudential ads. And, yes, the only form of wit lower than the pun is the pun that needs explanation.)

Of course, we won’t literally own a piece of Iraq and don’t want to; we’ll just own a piece of the extra half trillion dollar debt, inasmuch as we are ‘financing’ this war with tax cuts.

(I am very sad to see that my super smart, plugged in friend who predicted a five-day cake walk was wrong.)

I read the Goering quote that’s been going around the Internet with more of an ache than a feeling it’s a ‘perfect fit’ for the present situation. But thanks to Doug Jones for providing this link to the full story.

And now, finally (well, I know what caught your eye – you are human, I am human), comes the bit about naked sunbathing. This is an extraordinary site, skin or no skin. If you’re into real estate investing or just want to see what your house looks like from a few thousand feet up, or what your neighbor pays in real estate tax, or how big his house is . . . or if you just want more reason to feel dazzled by this brave new world . . . or to feel anxious about its loss of privacy . . . check this out. (Thanks, Steve Sapka.)


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