Since some are trying to make Foley a gay story, let’s just note that the majority of child sex abuse is perpetrated by heterosexuals – as, for example, the other big story this week, a pedophilia nightmare a million times worse (yet no one seems to be talking about the perpetrator’s sexual orientation). It first involved sex with toddlers; and led, all these years later, to the murder of little girls.

Virtually everyone – obviously – deplores behavior like Foley’s and would do anything they could to prevent it from happening. Except that the Republican leadership did not do everything they could, or much of anything, really, which is why this has become such a huge story.

Which leads me to the other thought I had today:

Isn’t it amazing that what got America so horribly off track these past six years was . . . sex with an intern? And that what might tip the balance and begin to get America back on track are some lewd IMs from a congressman to a page?

The body politic moves in mysterious ways.

And speaking of being off track:


Roger Berkley, written this past September 11: ‘Three hours ago I stepped off a plane from Brussels, where I was at a trade show. On 9/11/2001, I was also in Brussels. That’s where some of us waited out the travel ban. Others from my company were in the air and diverted to Gander, Newfoundland, where they sat in the plane for hours before being moved to a local church where they spent the next three days sleeping on the pews. The people of Gander were warm, welcoming and delightful. Back in Brussels, we encountered the same sort of warmth and compassion, as well as bountiful supplies of great food, ice cream creations and chocolates, but that’s another story. The United States and its far flung citizens were embraced globally.

‘Five years later, as we mourn our lost countrymen and those foreigners, including a significant number of Muslims, who died at the hands of al Qaeda, I spent time reflecting on where we are now. Americans are shunned globally. Those of us who travel internationally have felt the change in attitude even if we haven’t seen it. I have seen it. I have been told by potential customers that they are concerned about doing business with an American company because they don’t want to be put in an awkward position at home. This is not just from Arab citizens, it’s from Australians, Swedes and even one Latvian (the only Latvian company I know in my business). Existing customers continue to buy from us but with sadness over what the U.S. has become. One person asked, ‘What happened? How did you let the United States I have loved and admired become what it is now?”

☞ We can begin to reclaim her November 7.


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