Jim Batterson: ‘I had such high hopes for ‘Commander in Chief.’ I expected it to be a counterpoint to West Wing, showing another version of an idealized White House but from a different point of view, dealing with national issues from a moral point of view. Instead I have seen a show that is another family soap opera nestled within a White House in which the woman president repeatedly shows her ‘tough’ side by using military threats or action against other countries or by bullying her political opponents or even allies. The show is almost unwatchable.

☞ I guess this is why God invented more than one network.

John Skogstrom: ‘It’s a terrible night in that there’s just too much worth watching. My wife and I go for ‘House’ at 9 on Fox. It may be too formulaic to be a great show, but it’s an all-time great character. ‘Earl’ is a great show and character, but I guess I’ll take an hour of near-greatness over a half of greatness. It’s a tough call, though, since ‘The Office,’ which follows Earl, is good with a great character or two, especially Steve Carrell.’

☞ I guess this is why God invented TiVo. (Full disclosure for those who missed yesterday: I own a few shares of the stock.) And why you need more than one.

Charlie Mac: ‘As a huge fan of Jon Stewart’s ‘The Daily Show,’ be sure you also watch ‘The Colbert Report’ afterwards. It is such a dead-on parody of Bill O’Reilly’s show that I’m amazed O’Reilly hasn’t sued yet. In my time zone, both O’Reilly and Colbert are on at the same time, so my wife and I flip to O’Reilly during the commercials and it’s hilarious to see the similar graphics and hear that pompous voice. Colbert’s guests have been some really amazing people, and they seem to get the joke that they will be talked over and interrupted by a preening jackass.’


The way they really look (and zoomable for tired eyeballs). Thanks, Alan! Click here and take the rest of the day off to peruse 225 papers.


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