Some of you reading yesterday’s column seem to think I met Marisa Tomei (not “Melissa” Tomei) at an Inaugural event. Not that WOULD have been something.


Brooks Hilliard: “I have the same problem with back aches when standing for long hours, but found a cure for it: Take two aspirin about 30 minutes BEFORE the long stand begins and re-dose about every 4 hours. I say aspirin because it works better for me for all types of aches and pains than Tylenol or Advil.”

SARDINES (again)

Linda Melazzo: “They are known as ‘health food in a can’ and are loaded with omega 3 and contain virtually no mercury and are a good source of calcium. If you mash them with some Dijon mustard and onion and put them on crackers they are delish. My grandfather turned me on to the snack them I was a kid. Little did I know how good they were for you.”


Bill Winterberg: “Remember that if one takes SS from age 62 and intends to pay back benefits received through age 70, then reapply for the higher payout, one gets to pay with money that (in normal market conditions, i.e. not deflation) has lost purchasing power. If inflation averages 3% for 8 years, the future value of $10,000 of 2009 benefits is $12,667 in 2017, but the recipient only needs to pay back $10,000 (the benefit paid) after 8 years! Plus, no interest on the benefits needs to be paid, so this is a double-dip.”


Joe, in France: “I have a Skype-In number. It’s a New York area code, but it actually comes to Skype in my computer. You should get one too! It’s cheap and very useful. For example, HP tech support would only call me in the U.S., not overseas. So I gave them my New York Skype number and they called thinking I was in New York! Even though the world is coming to an end, some things keep getting better! Like Skype!”

Next week: Mark Twain on Economics

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