Some of us bought CNXM at $13.35 a year ago and again at $7 — and at least one of you paid $5.55.  We even got a fat dividend before CNXM was absorbed by CNX (.88 CNX share for each CNXM).   I sold about half yesterday at $14.

Yesterday’s post elicited the trailer for My Octopus Teacher.  (Thanks, Michael!)

Please tell me you won’t order grilled octopus anymore?

As for squid — fried calamari — I was disappointed just now to discover that they’re smart, too.

But do not despair!

If you’ve ever had the eggplant parmesan at The Big T’s (not yet open, but just you wait), you know there are things every bit as delicious as octopus or squid (or dogs or cows or cats or horses or chimps or pigs, some of which, at least, it probably does not take much to persuade you not to eat).

I’m still on vacation.


George Ehlers: “As I’m sure others will also inform you, there were other presidents who did not attend their successors’ inaugurations.”

→ Right you are.  I had thought I covered the exceptions by saying “willfully” eschewed (Woodrow Wilson wasn’t eschewing, he was just ailing), but should have added “since 1869.”



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