In August, I reported:

First suggested here at $6.65 and then again at $5.50 or so, NPSP closed Friday at $22.59, for about a quadruple.  I celebrated by taking some profits; yet Guru writes of the company’s wildly expensive drug ($295,000 a year):  “There are probably 1,000 to 3,000 people in the US who could really benefit from Gattex.  Could be more.  That’s $300 million to $900 million in the US.  They will launch in Europe where the market is similarly sized.  For sure this is a $500 million in peak sales.  Every year.  For a long time.  No competition.  No one even trying to compete.  This product could extend survival.  Meanwhile, they have another product, for hypoparathyroidism — to supply the missing parathyroid hormone.  Will file this year.  Launch end of next year.  Another $300 million potential market in the US.  Then they get a royalty from Amgen of $100 million.  The stock should hit 36 over the next year.”  So I’ve kept some.

Yesterday, it closed at $35.11, which is close enough.  I took my six-fold gain (thanks, Guru) and sold the rest.

Have a great day.  I feel a political screed coming on, but for now, you’re spared.



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