In case you missed the Nick Kristof  column linked to yesterday, I commend it again.  We need health insurance reform – and are likely to get a decent, albeit imperfect, start on it signed into law early next year.


Kathi Derevan:  “The difference between hamsters and gerbils? Roy Blount Jr. says, ‘hamsters have more dark meat.’”


The die has been cast.  As in a die thrown out onto the gaming table OR a die cast in molten steel – what a language is this English.


Now they tell me!  I really have to spend more time around people.  People seem to know these things, because they work together (I work alone, in a cave) and the tech guy tells somebody and within minutes everybody in the company knows.  But not me, because I work in a cave.

You know those random and maddening overnight crashes that occur when – for my safety – Microsoft has gone in and updated and restarted my computer, so I lose all the files I had open and was working on?  (Yes, some of them automatically restore; and I have backups.  But how do I remember which 18 emails were open, waiting to be answered in the morning?)

This week I learned that they’re not random at all, they generally happen every second Tuesday.  So tonight (or is it next Tuesday night?), it could be a good idea to “mark unread” any emails you have open, and close other files, before you hit the hay.

(And yes, I know: the Macintosh never crashes, even when the power goes out or it’s drowned or stolen.  It just keeps running problem-free.  No one has ever had a problem with a Mac.)


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