This just in: I followed one of my own recommendations just now, and I can’t resist sharing the outcome.

Remember where I was railing against IBM’s less-than-perfect customer service a week or two ago, contrasting it with the amazing folks in places like New Hampshire? Well, I was about to order a CD with 80 million home addresses and phone numbers on it (a mere $39, if you can believe the miracle of it all) +. . . was all set to fill out the order form the publisher, ProCD, provided +. . . until I noted the $9 shipping charge. Hmph, thought I.

So on a whim I called the New Hampshire outfit I had recommended here (PC and Mac Connection: 800-243-8088). It was Saturday night but I got a human on the first ring, ordered the CD for their price of $29.95 plus $5 shipping — already I was $13 ahead — and asked when it would arrive. This was Saturday night, remember. She said: Monday. Get outta here! I said. But darned if it wasn’t true. They ship Airborne every day of the week including Sundays. The package arrived Monday morning. Now, that’s service.


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