I hope soon to tell you how I reconnected with Uri Geller after fifty years and met the 18-year-old mentalist of the Israeli Air Force . . .

. . . or how, atop Masada, on my first-ever visit to Israel, I was surprise-Bar Mitzvah-ed.

If I never get around to it, remind me when next we have dinner.

Today, though, I return to one of what are perhaps the three overarching themes of our time (along with “climate change” and “the coming AI revolution”): the struggle to preserve democracy.

Hungary is leading the charge into darkness — Putin, Kim, and others got there ages ago — but the U.S. and Israel are flirting with the same slippery slope.


Oh, how I long for the competent, principled Republicans of old.

Nikki Haley is not one of them.

Have a great weekend.



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