Trump’s fraud claims are ridiculous. (Washington Post)

You can read Republican election lawyer Chris Ashby’s thorough explanation of how difficult it would be to rig an election. . . . Or you can look at studies tracking voter fraud, like the now-famous one in which a professor at Loyola Law School traced years’ worth of votes and found only a few sporadic instances of possible — but not certain — fraud. Specifically: 31 incidents out of 1 billion votes cast. . . . Or you can use common sense. How do you find hundreds of people to go vote multiple times in precisely the right places to throw the election? . . .

It’s hard enough to get folks to turn out to the polls once, let alone risk jail or deportation for voting more than once.

Trump’s “locker room talk” excuse is ridiculous. (Vox)

Dear Donald Trump: I played in the NFL. Here’s what we really talk about in the locker room.

. . .

So let me conclude with some advice for you, Donald. The next time you want to claim that something is “locker room talk,” take a moment to recognize the fact that were you in an actual locker room, you would be universally reviled as a cancerous, egotistical train wreck of a disgrace that no team could possibly find the time to employ and, honestly, would never even have on their draft board to begin with.

John McCain vows to defy the election results(Deadspin)  He doesn’t think Barack Obama should be allowed to nominate a Supreme Court Justice to fill Scalia’s vacancy — and if Hillary wins, he won’t allow her to fill it either.  (One more reason to unseat him.)

Hillary’s gay “nephew” tells you what she is really like. (Towle Road)

. . . Throughout my life, I have only known her as my mom’s most supportive and loving friend. Hillary took me on my first roller coaster ride when I was 12 years old. She spoke at my high school commencement ceremony and took photos with every single one of my classmates. The woman who signs her letters as “Aunt Hillary” congratulated me when I came out of the closet, when I got my pilot’s license, when I married my husband and when we adopted our baby girl. She checked in with my family regularly while my mom underwent surgery and treatment for breast cancer. . . .

. . . When you cast your vote for Hillary, I just want you to know you’re backing not only the most qualified presidential candidate in history, but a real person, a woman who values family, friendship and service to her fellow Americans above all else. You’ll be sending a message to my daughter that she can accomplish anything she sets her mind to. You’ll be electing a good girl.

Most important: 38 years later, the New York Times still likes my book.

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