It’s likely the Supreme Court will rule on marriage equality next week.  I assume they will strike down DOMA — how can the Federal government grant Social Security  benefits (for example) to some of a state’s legally married citizens and not others? — and, on narrow grounds, allow same-sex marriages to resume in California while  not forcing Mississippi (say) to embrace them.  This uplifting 5-minute video chronicles the progress.  In a polarized, partisan world, what could be more uplifting than to have the progressive lawyer for Al Gore and the conservative lawyer for George W. Bush back at the Supreme Court — only this time united for love, equality, and the pursuit of happiness.


Thanks to the estimable Fred Stanback for this awesome video:  The operating room of the near future . . . no cutting you open!  (Or, to be honest about the wellspring of my enthusiasm: no cutting me open.)  I’m telling you, kids, if we can just make it through the next couple of decades, investing in the future and learning better how to share our collective blessings, there are going to be enormous collective blessings to share.




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