[Today is the deadline to send in your fourth quarterly estimated tax payment (if money is due).  Here are the forms and instructions.  You don’t have to file it if you file your complete return by January 31.]


It’s so obvious.

We have a $2 trillion infrastructure deficit — our country is falling apart and falling behind.

We have millions of unemployed who’d like nothing better than to throw themselves into the task of modernizing our infrastructure (and start paying taxes again instead of collecting unemployment and food stamps).

We have a zero cost of borrowing the money we’d need to employ them.

The result of borrowing that money, employing them, and rejuvenating our infrastructure would  be an end to our economic doldrums, a more secure, efficient, competitive economy, and a lower deficit.


Shouldn’t we just do it?

The undertaking would not be one of “big government.”  Contracts would be let for competitive bid by private enterprise, mainly by the states. (How else to modernize 35,000 schools, repair 185,000 bridges, make sound countless sewage systems?) And tax incentives would drive massive efforts to weatherize homes — the ultimate small-business opportunity — smarten our electric grid, and the like.

You think we can’t afford to modernize our infrastructure and become energy efficient?  Really?  Don’t you see we can’t afford not to?

Why is this controversial?


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