You see what I’m saying? (Yesterday: ‘And it all comes so fast and furious, none of it gets any traction before the next thing.’) I was totally planning to get back to Paying Your Bills, and to telling you the new URL to find quotes on the TIPS that were first recommended here at 99 – really I was – and then comes this.

How is it possible we have become a country that puts a higher priority on reducing the capital gains tax on multi-millionaires than on helping 11.7 million children of low-income workers?

This is compassionate conservatism? What are we coming to?

And speaking of conservatives:

From Andrew Sullivan‘s recent blog (Andrew is a leading conservative): ‘At this point, it’s clear that the Republican party, at all levels, is simply fiscally irresponsible. This is true at the federal level, where Republicans have out-spent Democrats; and at a state level, as this USA Today synopsis spells out: State legislatures controlled by Republicans increased spending an average of 6.54% per year from 1997 to 2002, compared with 6.17% for legislatures run by Democrats… Republicans cut taxes an average of 1.08% annually from 1997 to 2002 when they controlled both the legislature and governor’s office. Democrats cut taxes 0.59% annually when they were in charge of state government. (My thanks to Hoosier Review.) So I was wrong yesterday. The Democrats aren’t worse. They’re actually better at controlling spending than today’s Republicans. True fiscal conservatives might want to rethink their long-standing preference for Republicans.‘ [Emphasis added.]

Monday: Your Feedback – Paying Your Bills, Mark Foley, Jessica Lynch, Etc.


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