My friend funded this startup back in 2006 — if only I had had a chance to invest! — that stores energy from solar and wind by freezing air . . . then releases it as needed by allowing the frozen air to gasify, powering a turbine as it does.

With no emissions, a much longer life than batteries, and — the company says — at about half the cost of battery storage.

Bye-bye fossil fuels!

This specific effort may or may not make it . . . watch the video and make your own assessment . . . but it’s exactly the kind of way in which our species moves towards sustainability, perhaps in time to avert the worst of the looming climate catastrophe that Trump, with full backing from the Republican Senate, claims is just a hoax (just as they claim Russian efforts to subvert our democracy are a hoax, so no need for paper-ballot backups).

With amazing technology — and new leadership — there’s an unbelievably exciting future to look forward to.

Note that it’s been 13 years since my friend put up the first money for this promising new technology.  WheelTug seems to be on about the same time line.  (And television, first invented in 1926, took 20 years to enter the first homes.)

Some things take time.

Have a great weekend!



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