VOX: The GOP is trying to pass a super-unpopular agenda. Political science (and common sense) says they ought to pay a price at the polls. They might not.

. . . Their basic design runs exactly counter to voters’ stated preferences. Americans don’t consider tax cuts a high priority, and they are spectacularly unenthusiastic about reducing taxes on the rich in particular. Which, it turns out, is exactly what the GOP tax bills aim to do, even as they threaten to raise taxes on many Americans and prompt future spending cuts. Despite all the deception and haste, most voters get this.

The GOP health bills were unpopular for the same basic reason: They sought to impose painful cuts on most Americans while promising lucrative benefits to those at the top of the income distribution (through, yes, tax cuts). . . .

So how do they get away with this?

“One explanation, perhaps the most important, is that they have built a formidable electoral floodwall. To hold the House, for instance, it’s generally estimated they can afford to lose the national popular vote in 2018 by 6 or 7 points.”

And the Senate?  Well, Wyoming, Alaska, and the Dakotas, with 3 million people, have 8 votes in the Senate compared with just 2 for California, with 40 million.

But in a wave election November 6, we can overcome all that.  We just have to turn out.

Artie: “I didn’t buy any SPRT, but I’m doing handsprings over NKTR. That one I did buy.”

☞ Well, it was a long time coming — nearly five years — but every sextuple helps.  “Thanks, Guru.”  (No clue where it will go from here.  Declare victory and take your profit?)

Of course, “nearly five years” is but a seventh-inning stretch compared with BOREF.

And yet, it seems, we inch forward.

As, for example, with yesterday’s press release:

Total Air Group and WheelTug Aircraft E-Taxi Program to Expand Partnership

MEMPHIS, Tenn. and GIBRALTAR, 10 January 2018 – Total Air Group (TAG) and WheelTug plc are pleased to announce an expansion of their existing cooperation.

In its expanded role as a risk-sharing partner, TAG will help finalize WheelTug’s test, maintenance and repair procedures, as well as assist in the development of training procedures for WheelTug-authorized mechanics and technicians. TAG will also provide mobile teams for WheelTug system installations and maintenance at customer sites, and handle some logistic functions for the WheelTug support network.

Mike Silvius, CEO of TAG, said “becoming a member of the WheelTug Team is extremely exciting for our organization. The partnering of a dynamic repair station with such an innovative, forward thinking aviation product is an outstanding ‘power multiplier’ that will benefit all parties immensely.  The efficiencies, time savings, safety, and automation that this system brings to an aviation environment with growing operational limitations will be celebrated by CFOs, pilots, and passengers.”

WheelTug CEO Isaiah Cox agreed. “This expanded agreement with TAG is a natural progression. TAG has already been a very valuable member of the WheelTug development and certification team, thanks to its hands-on experience with aircraft operational aspects, maintenance implications, and on-aircraft tests.  We also look forward to working with them on our TaxiCam™ system to provide pilots with greater situational awareness.”

Total Air Group is a small, veteran-owned LLC formed in 2006 by a team of FedEx aircraft maintenance technicians. Headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, Total Air Group is a FAA/EASA Certified Repair Station that provides scheduled, unscheduled, AOG off-site, component repair, fleet management, and on-demand aircraft maintenance support for both certificated air carriers and private operators throughout the country.

WheelTug plc is a Gibraltar company developing an innovative e-taxi electric drive system that will enable aircraft to taxi forward and backward using twin electric motors installed in their nosewheels. Airline savings in flight turnaround time, fuel, reduced aircraft damage, emissions, and other areas are expected to total more than $1,000 per flight.  Currently in the certification process, entry into service, initially for Boeing 737NG aircraft, is anticipated in mid-2019.

A full listing of WheelTug partner companies and airline customers is on the company’s website at http://www.wheeltug.gi. A forward-looking statement is available at http://www.wheeltug.gi/fls.shtml

Don’t count your chickens, don’t hold your breath, don’t take any wooden nickels, and don’t take anything for granted.  But — if purchased with money you could truly afford to lose — don’t sell your BOREF, either.



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