Here’s an easy one. Just click American Airlines to be placed on its weekly Wednesday morning e-mail list offering low fares for last-minute leave-Saturday come back Monday or Tuesday travel. Will you ever take aadvantage of one of them? Probably not. But it’s free — and who knows? It’s fun to think about. You never know when you might just want to shuffle off to Buffalo on the spur of the moment.

You can also take your name off the list easily enough — just bookmark the NetSAAver page and “unsubscribe” if you tire of the weekly e-mails.

Or click US Air to be added to its Wednesday morning E-Saver list. (Again, unsubscribing is easy.) Or click Continental.

TWA has some low fares, too — click “This Week’s Hot Fares” to see them — though its e-mail service is not yet operational. Likewise, Northwest if your travel plans include either Memphis or Minneapolis.

United and Delta have web sites, but I couldn’t find any special-fare pages.

Tomorrow: The Flu


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