MYM 12

Bill Dunbar:  “I’m writing because I’ve still been using Managing your Money on an XP machine.  Amazing that in 25 years or however long, I still haven’t found a better general money program.  Sadly, since Microsoft has stopped supporting XP, I’m trying to move onto a Windows 7 machine. Apparently the DOS programs are different. Any way to get it to work? If not, I think at one time, there was a way to get most of the contact data to Outlook. Is that still possible if the program won’t go any more?”

☞ MYM works fine with Windows 7 if it’s “32-bit” Windows 7.   Just get a C: prompt from the ACCESSORIES menu. make a c:\mym12 directory — and all the rest as if it were XP.  If it’s 64-bit and/or if you switch to Windows 8, you’ll need a free download called DOSBox and setting MYM up will be a little trickier, but someone shold be able to make it work for you.  As for exporting to Outlook, press Ctrl-C to call up the Card file, then F1 for HELP, then scroll down to the EXPORTING cards section of help at the end.  Basically, you’ll want to auto-mark ALL your cards and then export them to a comma-delimited file.  Excel will import it fine.  How much fun was MYM.  Loved every  minute of it.


Somehow there is a terrific channel on my cable package — channel 54 on RCN in New York — called “France 24.”  In English.  Commercial-free, as best I can tell.  And so smart and international and informative — 24/7.  Makes our CNN, let alone our nightly news programs, seem awfully lame by comparison.  So strange . . . very little French about it, actually.  But well worth checking out: it streams on-line for free.


I know nothing about football, but the official NFL Michael Sam jersey — wildly overpriced at $99.95 — is selling like mad.

Too cool for school.



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